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I am blessed to have experienced Deborah’s Quasar Love Transmission. It feels like a warm embrace, peaceful, calming and safe. I relaxed deeply, I felt like I was floating. This is a distance energy healing process. Deborah is such a lovely being. She created an amazing experience, that made it feel ok to release negative energy. This negative energy was in reference to having my boundaries disrespected. I carried this negative energy in my bodymind for many years, now it is gone. Thank you, Deborah, you are amazing!

Connie P.

My Quasar Session:
Talking with Deborah was as comfortable as meeting a very dear old friend. It felt like communication was happening on different levels, too. The trust and safety I felt with her was palpable and definitely created a Sacred Space to address the physical and energetic things happening for me.
I experienced Sacred Soul Presencing, because and by Love, that brought Sanctuary, where in I could look into the Mirror-the blocks, the thoughts, feelings and energy- to SEE THROUGH and GET TO my Deep Self, where Wisdom and Peace preside. Enveloped, held in Love, I integrated. The session was absolutely healing…and Nameless.
I am deeply grateful for the healing that happened at a time I really needed something deeper, more fundamental, comprehensive, and….REAL. Deborah is truly a beautiful Soul and her work an absolute Blessing.


When I first met Deborah in a fb Group, the moment we connected, I knew there was something amazing about her! We talked much longer than allotted! Her energy is Radiant & filled with Love. From the moment she connected into my energy I KNEW she was special and blessed with a powerful gift. As Deborah worked in reconnecting apart of my memory I felt it. Because of this, I was able to face my fears. What became revealed to me several weeks later, was my path of guiding women from Sexual Abuse to Sexual Empowerment & Wholeness, something I had fought & resisted for years. I’m Greatful for our session time together. I recommend Deborah to ANYONE who feels drawn to her, to anyone who’s ready to go beyond the barrier. She’s amazing.

Tamara SpiritualMidwife (aka MacDowell)
Temple High Preistess

Debbie is very passionate about her work. I had an amazing and relaxing experience working with her. During the session I started to have a clear mind and then I was full of ideas, more creativity and confidence. I really recommend.

Luz Jaramillo