Quasar Love Evolution Revolution

In 2014 a group of 75 quasars that are structurally linked and extend ¾ of the length of this universe began arriving to my healing sessions.

This occurred in synchronicity with the Hubble Telescope discovering this group of quasars beyond The Big Bang. This discovery was a paradigm shift for the current science of this universe.

I perceive Love as a state that is constantly evolving. This is why I reference this era as the Quasar Love Evolution Revolution.

Quasar Love

What the Quasar Love Tribe Transmissions Deliver

  • The end of all constellating myths
  • Rapid paradigm shifts
  • Paradox point fusions
  • Rapid neurogenesis which amplifies our creativity, imagination, curiosity and solutions to what appears impossible.
  • Increased pleasure in being alive
  • Dogma free love

As an Initiator into the Mysteries, I perceive Quasar Love as a collective Initiation for Earth & Humanity. Being with this tribe’s transmission delivers exactly what we need for this critical Era.

My desire is to Teach people how to access the Quasar Love Tribe for your own Love Evolution Revolution.